Scope of Work & Services

With a focus on efficient use of resources, we propose reorganisation measures for international companies and language service providers that free capacities for a more proactive development of their business.

We do not sell language services, software or hardware, but provide consulting and training as a neutral, objective and independent party at the interface between the various market players - for the best benefit of our clients. Our recommendations are always based on a precise analysis of the actual situation and a realistic, customer-specific definition of goals. The three perspectives of ’human’, ’process’ and ’technology’ all play a role in our work. Our work results in pragmatic and future-oriented solutions.

Scope of Work


  • Development, standardisation and optimisation of existing workflows, e.g. as prelude to ISO certification
  • Determination and implementation of best practices
  • Quality management: definition of quality targets, development of inspection process, role definition for parties involved, measurement of key figures
  • Project management, translation management and terminology management: generation and maintenance of company-wide contents, making use of supporting technology


  • Interplay between departments - including between parent company and subsidiaries
  • Supplier management: internal / external strategies, supplier selection, communication methods, guidelines
  • Redefinition of individual business areas


  • Introduction of translation technologies: determination of benefits, influence on existing processes, selection of tools
  • Process-oriented infrastructure in business units
  • Development of made-to-measure solutions



In the form of consultations and workshops

  • Strategic consulting
  • Process consulting
  • Technological consulting
  • Knowledge management


We act as a neutral companion, sparring partner and catalyst of ideas for the further development of personal skills and projects.


After determining individual training needs, we offer customised courses ranging from theoretical basics to practice-oriented execution.

Interim management

We provide support in the form of a limited-time engagement when

  • the company's own expert resources are overloaded.
  • the corporate structure needs to be adapted to changing market requirements.

Seminars, workshops, round tables

Presentation of trends, developments, management and communication skills and technologies

We would be happy to provide an initial consultation, at no charge and with no obligation, to discuss the potential of optimisation in your company and how we can help you.
Simply call us on +49 221 357918-60 or write to us at .

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