Addition to the Portfolio

  • Would you like to offer your customers more comprehensive services than before, but not to cover one or more subject areas yourself?
  • Would you like to lead projects with several parties or high complexity, which bring along difficult organizational or processual changes with customers, more efficiently and surely to success?
  • Would you like to promote the acceptance, the positive user experience and the fast ROI of your tool through a complementary consulting or educational offer?
  • Would you like to eliminate or prevent resistance and limitations when implementing new processes or tools for your customers?
  • Do you want to clarify and solve difficult or muddled situations with your customers faster and more efficiently and thus improve your image and the satisfaction of your customers?
  • Would you like to raise your customers' awareness of important issues and interrelationships through independent experts?
As a recognized independent consulting and further education provider, we do not sell your products and services. However, as a cooperation partner, we can effectively support you in advancing and solving things in your interest and that of your customers - in individual cases or long-term, on a customer or project basis.

Take advantage of our services and expertise to offer your customers comprehensive solutions and an all-round service. Inspire your customers, help them to put your solutions into practice as quickly and profitably as possible. Underline your customer orientation and your self-conception as a solution provider.

Just give us a call or email us and let us discuss how we can support you and your customers together.
» Online or face-to-face?

We offer you modular support, for example

 for the expansion of your portfolio

for change management

for process analysis, process development and process optimization

through supplementary project support and accompanying measures

for structured problem solving

in dealing with difficult or muddled situations

with impulse lectures, webinars or other formats

with further education

with coaching

in questions of strategy

for project management

when it comes to communication and collaboration

in conflict management

in questions of standardization and digitization

on the subject of editing - documentation

in the introduction, fitting and accompanying of a terminology management system

on translation management issues

about internal documentation - knowledge management

and more as needed

Goals and Approach

We will discuss goals and procedures with you individually.