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Consulting and in-house training courses

Simply contact us to arrange a non-binding and free initial consultation. In this initial consultation you describe your starting position and your concern to us. Together we analyze your individual situation and your needs. We discuss your expectations and goals, how we can support you in achieving them and how to proceed.

The first consultation gives you a first impression of how we work. At the same time we can clarify how we could work together. All information from this conversation will of course be kept as strictly confidential.

Registration for an open event

For details of registration (for example for a seminar, workshop, training course or lecture) please contact us informally. We will also be happy to discuss with you beforehand to what extent the selected training course is useful for you.


Benefit from the advantages of our commitment, for example
Extension of competence: We contribute constantly evolving additional knowledge and methodological expertise.
Ideas and inspiration: We can stimulate the development of new projects and personal skills by giving impulses.
Increase of capacity: We offer the possibility of temporary increasing your capacities when your own technical or time resources reach their limits.
Sparring: We can be a discreet sparring partner for executives.
Comparative experience: We know the success factors and criteria for effective and sustainable changes from many projects in different industries.
Concentration and discharge: Regardless of your day-to-day business, we can fully focus our resources on the specific task. This enables us to work much more intensively, concentrated and quickly towards change.
Overview: We offer a comprehensive overall view and knowledge that goes beyond the individual tasks of employees and the day-to-day business.
Neutrality and solution-orientation: Since we are not integrated into internal networks, our work is always impartial, neutral and solution-oriented.
Outside view: We can take an unbiased look at the overall system with a personal and objective distance, act impartially, change perspectives and help overcome operational blindness.
Favourable lever: We are not bound to any particular corporate culture, not involved in political games and are not "prophet in our own country". This makes it easier for us to bring about sustainable change.
Cost advantages: Our activities are limited in time and concentrated. As a result, the costs of achieving targets are lower than for long-term investments in the company's own employees.

Costs and duration

We agree the costs for our services individually with you. They depend on the type and scope of the order. The basis is a daily or hourly rate.

You can also benefit from this valuable investment as a smaller company or as a lone warrior: Benefit from the support of our consulting and further education by the European Union, the Federal Government and the Länder. Under certain conditions, they will cover part of the costs for you.

The duration of our assignment depends on the type and scope of the order and your own capacities.