Collaboration and Communication Consulting

In a society based on the division of labor, people with different tasks, requirements in their field of work, ways of working and ways of thinking come together. In addition, they all have different professional and human backgrounds, ideas, interests and goals. At the same time, standardized and largely automated structures and processes depend on effective, efficient and reliable cooperation between all those involved.

We design and improve processes and structures with you in such a way that communication works and those involved can work together smoothly and successfully. We develop this together with executives, teams, departments, as well as across departments or locations. Practice-oriented, customer-specific and theoretically sound.In addition, we work with you to develop long-term and sustainable solutions for consistent implementation. We help you to secure and increase your ability to act, efficiency, reliability and satisfaction.

Simply give us a call or email us and let us discuss what we can do specifically for you and your situation. Or use our pre-structured inquiry form:
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We advise and support you, for example

  • in process analysis and optimization

  • in process development, process modeling (BPMN 2.0) and process standardization

  • in analysis of the business environment and stakeholder management

  • for the development of a project management process in the company and in departments

  • on a structured problem-solving process

  • on risk management in practice

  • in questions of cooperation and coordination in teams

  • when it comes to team leadership

  • in questions of cooperation and coordination between departments or locations

  • about communication

  • on roles and responsibilities

  • in supplier management

  • customer management as an internal and external service provider

  • on questions of intercultural communication

  • in corporate communications

  • on corporate culture

  • about satisfaction and absenteeism

  • in time management

  • on stress management

  • on conflict management

  • accompanying and supporting restructuring and change projects

  • accompanying and supporting organizational development and communication management

Goals and Approach

We help you to orientate yourself, to make sustainable decisions, to develop tailor-made, practicable solutions and to establish consistent implementation.

For this purpose, we use instruments, techniques and methods of various forms of professional and strategic consulting, organizational consulting, systemic consulting and mediation.

Depending on your requirements, we can take on different roles and functions, including changing ones: Experts in technical and methodical questions, sparring partners, observers and feedback providers, workshop leaders, moderators, mediators, project managers, “the devil's advocates” or change managers.

In supplement to this, we are also happy to assist you with the implementation of solutions.