In-house Further Education

Whether specialist or executive: For many years, we have been supporting your further development with lively and practice-oriented training courses and also developing further training concepts for organizations. And of course we constantly adapt our seminars, workshops and training courses to current innovations and develop them further.

Experience lively days through a constant change of input, group activities and practice-oriented exercises. Go through a learning field that enables you to learn more about your strengths and potentials and expand your competencies. Bring in your knowledge, your questions and your focus wishes and apply what you have learned directly in practice.

Care for new impulses and systematic further development. In individually adaptable in-house further education courses, you can also address internal issues and implementation questions in depth.

Are you looking for further education on a topic that you cannot find here? We are also happy to develop additional training topics for you.

Just give us a call or email us and let us discuss which further education is suitable and useful for you and how we can adapt it to your needs if desired. Or use our pre-structured inquiry form:
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Popular topics

  • Creating understandable content

  • Internal knowledge management: Keep information understandable and clear for others

  • Creating an editorial guide

  • Introducing terminology management

  • Terminology management for advanced users

  • Leading a terminology circle

  • Developing translation processes with a translation memory system and machine translation technology

  • Translation management

  • Language standardization and translation-oriented content


  • Project management for project managers

  • Project management for team members

  • Project management for technical writers

  • Project management for translation

  • Project evaluation: Gain insights from projects


  • Communication training

  • Leading and conducting meetings efficiently

  • Structured solution process

  • Leading difficult conversations successfully

  • Team development and team leadership

  • Cooperation with partners and service providers

  • Conflict management training


  • Time management and self-organization

  • Good demarcation: process responsibility and no-declaration

  • The right balance: self-care and dealing with stress

  • Self-reflection light - Me and the others: Self-recognition, using strengths, releasing brakes

  • Achieve job satisfaction


  • Leadership training

  • Team development for executives

  • Conflict management for executives

  • Preparing and conducting employee development interviews

  • Delegation process

  • Criticizing, instructing, asking, praising

  • Actively listening and asking questions in difficult situations

  • 360° feedback: Dealing with fears, criticism and negative behavior in supervisor assessments

  • Change Management

  • Individual topics from the area of organizational development

Goals and Concept

The aim of the further education is to build up a repertoire of behaviors and to develop competences in order to act s confidently and authentically in different situations in the sense of one's own tasks and to carry them out successfully. You will learn to master difficult situations constructively, autonomously and self-responsibly.

Our further education courses are designed for internal organizational implementation (in-house further education courses). They are based on the work of the most important experts in their field and belong to the current “state of the art” in educational design and topic. The format can vary between seminars (more knowledge input) and workshops (more experience orientation) according to your wishes. They can also be incorporated into coaching sessions in which the focus is on individual advice on the topic in question.

In supplement to this, we are also happy to assist you with the implementation of solutions.

The European Union, the German federal government and the German federal state governments promote participation in our further education courses in different ways by covering part of the costs under certain conditions.