Open Events

We continue to conduct open events online as well. They are specially highlighted.
Whether you are a specialist or a manager, we support you in your further development and develop further training concepts for organizations with lively and practice-oriented further training courses.

Experience lively days through a constant change of input, group activities and practice-oriented exercises. Go through a learning field that enables you to learn more about your strengths and potentials and expand your competencies. Bring in your knowledge, your questions and your focus wishes and apply what you have learned directly in practice.

Get new impulses, get to know other perspectives and exchange experiences and approaches with others.

Would you like to participate with several colleagues? If so, an
» in-house event might be the right choice for you.

Just give us a call or send us an e-mail and let us discuss which event is particularly suitable and appropriate for you.
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Our Open Events

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Events with Cooperation Partners

Here you can also experience us:
23 April 2020
Online Seminar in Cooperation with tekom France, the French Country Organization for Technical Communication
Digitalization means Change
How can Technical Communication take this change up and implement it?
In French language
Link to registration will follow shortly
3–5 November 2020
in Stuttgart +

tcworld Conference 2020

Details follow

Goals and Concept

When it comes to the selective transfer or reflection of know-how or inner attitude, motivation, management techniques, commitment, purpose and inspiration, our talks are the right choice.

Our workshops and seminars are about building up a repertoire of behaviors and developing competencies in order to act confidently and authentically in different situations in the sense of one's own tasks and to carry them out successfully. You will learn to master difficult situations constructively, autonomously and self-responsibly.

Our workshops and seminars are based on the work of the most important experts in their field and belong to the current "state of the art" of workshop and seminar design and topic. For maximum learning success, we work in small groups.

In supplement to this, we are also happy to assist you with the implementation of solutions.

The European Union, the German Federal Government and the Länder promote participation in our further training courses in different ways by covering part of the costs under certain conditions.