Intensive seminar


Translation Management

How to set the course for productivity increases and cost reductions in multilingual content creation
Creating product information in several languages for different materials is a complex endeavor. To generate this content cost-effectively, quickly and correctly, a comprehensive concept is recommended that takes into account the requirements of all stakeholders.

This two-day intensive seminar and a subsequent web conference impart the knowledge of the set screws in content creation and translation. It provides you with different approaches on how to set up a comprehensive concept that considers the requirements of all stakeholders and the possibilities of technologies.

In this seminar, you will learn the essentials of translation management. You will discover how you can save you time and money by intelligently interlinking processes and technologies, while improving the quality of your information products.
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  • Introduction: challenges, interface overview
  • Source, the focus is on the customer and the source text: strategy and goals, writing process, translation-oriented writing
  • Target markets and target languages, influence from the end of the chain: language diversity, market and cultural specifics, translation problems
  • Processes, more than just translation: Project management, data, translation, queries, corrections, changes
  • Technologies, main lever for savings: Authoring assistance, translation tools
  • Actors, translations depend on people: Stakeholders, team composition, international communication
  • Quality management: quality assurance, quality measurement and improvement



Course benefits


  • Implementing efficient multilingual content creation
  • Creating translation-oriented content
  • Deepening technical knowledge about translation processes
  • Improving cooperation with clients and service providers
  • Optimally combining actors, processes and technologies
  • Improving quality management

Who benefits from this seminar


  • Are you responsible for the creation of content that needs translation?
  • Are you a technical writer or translation manager at an manufacturing company and at a language service provider?
  • Are you responsible for commissioning and managing translation service providers and want to improve results and collaboration?
  • Do you want to reorganize translation management in your company in order to achieve strategic globalization goals or optimize your processes?

Then you are exactly right here!


Experience lively days through a constant change of input, group activities and practice-oriented exercises. Go through a learning field that enables you to learn more about your strengths and potentials and expand your competencies. We adapt the contents individually to the group of participants. Bring in your knowledge, your questions and your focus wishes and apply what you have learned directly in practice.

A few weeks after the event, we organize a short web conference to support the knowledge transfer. It serves to deepen the content and discuss your implementation issues.
Date and place
From 9 am to 5 pm CE(S)T
Participation fee

1.200 € per participant
980 € for registration up to 4 weeks before the event
Value added tax will be charged according to legal requirements.

Included in the price:
Training materials, photo protocol and certificate of participation.
Errors and changes reserved.
Also available as in-house event

Would you like to participate with several colleagues? If so, then an in-house event might be the right choice for you. We will gladly adapt the event to your specific needs..
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