Inspiration, competence and experience

Who we are

The story of Fleury & Fleury Consultants begins in 2005. At this time, global information management consulting has been provided by competing providers of information services and products as well as software vendors and related training providers. This is how we come up with the idea of establishing a completely independent consulting company. In addition, we want to improve the acceptance and actual feasibility of changes in day-to-day business and therefore extend the purely technical perspective to include process know-how in questions of cooperation. And finally, we want to help our clients achieve individually tailored, practical and sustainable results that can be flexibly applied.

We develop our consulting concept on the basis of these requirements. It integrates highly effectively the inclusion of different perspectives and interactions as well as the targeted combination of professionally oriented consulting and psychologically and systemically oriented professional and management development, which has meanwhile made a name for itself as so-called complementary consulting. We don't just advise - with our competence we also want to contribute to a better global information management with every project. We are also quickly developing into a recognized provider of further education.

You can also tell the story in a different way: Two people, a woman and a man, from France and Germany, with different languages, cultural and professional backgrounds, recognize how all this complements each other perfectly. They bundle their resources and competencies in a joint company, learn from and with each other and focus their further activities on the joint venture. The global financial and economic crisis of 2008/2009 with its effects on clients is hitting the young company in the middle of a delicate start-up phase, but with well-considered action it is even succeeding to emerge with growth. We are familiar with the challenges of international and intercultural information management, both from our day-to-day consulting work and from our own experience, and master even difficult terrain. In 2012 we move into modern new offices at Cologne.

Since 2006 we have been supporting companies from all sectors of industry and medium sized businesses as well as service providers, public clients and associations to achieve their goals in global information management. Many of our customers have placed their trust in us for many years. With our independent, innovative and structurating approach we advise and train specialists and managers from all departments - from management to development, creation, translation and localization, marketing, sales and service.

Our company name is composed of the founder's surnames:
Isabelle Fleury

Isabelle Fleury

Managing Partner

Before founding Fleury & Fleury Consultants, she studied German language and literature, computer linguistics and French as a foreign language and subsequently worked for various leading international language service providers, most recently as Operations Manager, and as a lecturer at the University of Bonn. In addition to her work in the company, she is a lecturer for the Master's degree courses in Technical Documentation at the Danube University Krems and specialist translations, terminology and language technology at the Technical University Cologne as well as a Systemic Consultant. She is also co-author of the tekom guide "Rule-Based Writing", writes for specialist publications and gives lectures and workshops at leading international conferences.
Frank D. Fleury

Frank D. Fleury

Managing Partner

Before founding Fleury & Fleury Consultants, he studied law and legal informatics before working in software production, most recently as a software architect and consultant for information technology and communication management. In addition to his work in the company, he is a lecturer for the Master's programme Technical Documentation at the Danube University Krems, certified mediator according to § 5 II MediationsG, Internationally certified Mediator, Mediation Supervisor and Mediation Trainer (DACH), Systemic Consultant and heads the MKI³ Gesellschaft für Mediation und Kommunikationsmanagement. He also writes for specialist publications and gives lectures and workshops at leading international conferences.
Fleury & Fleury Consultants has earned an excellent reputation as an independent, agile and efficient consulting company that develops highly effective solutions with its customers, which actually work in practice and can be lived by employees in their everyday business. We combine expertise and many years of experience from the technical communication and translation industry, information and communication technology, communication and conflict management and systemic consulting.
In 2015, we were awarded "Best of 2015" in the field of consulting from the renowned INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT of the Initiative Mittelstand. The INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT awards particularly innovative products and services that provide companies with valuable impulses for increasing their competitiveness. Our integrated consulting concept convinced the jury as an outstanding solution.
Best of 2015 - Award for consulting from the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT of the Initiative Mittelstand
Through high-quality training, further and continuing education, professional exchange with colleagues and supervision, we continuously expand and deepen our competencies. This is also the purpose of our memberships in the Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation - tekom Deutschland, the Deutscher Terminologie-Tag, the Gesellschaft für Informatik, the Mediation DACH and the Deutsche Stiftung Mediation.

How we work

Our goal is solutions that can actually be implemented and are viable. That is why we integrate the perspectives „processes“, „software“, „organization“ and „communication“ and include professional as well as personal and interpersonal factors and systemic interactions.
We aim to enable you to carry out your new assignments autonomously as quickly as possible. That is why we not only work out concepts and recommendations for action with you, but also assist you in their implementation if required.
Our work is preceded by individual analyses, realistic customer-specific target definitions and cost estimates.
The results of our work are sustainable solutions that are characterised by practicability, clarity and authenticity.
We work neutrally, independently and flexibly for the best benefit of our customers - unbiased, open and objective.
We do not demand and accept commissions, expense allowances or anything similar from manufacturers or service providers and maintain neutrality towards them. In particular, we do not enter into any sales partnerships. If we recommend manufacturers or service providers, then on the basis of our customers' requirements or a comparative performance analysis.
In order to maintain our neutrality, we do not offer any information management services, software or hardware ourselves.
In our descriptions of our areas of activity, employees, etc., we keep to the actual current status.
All your documents, internal processes and other information that we become aware of through our work are treated strictly confidential.
Many customers do not want to be named publicly as references due to security reasons. Therefore we do not publish any references.
Except for the preparation of offers, we do not provide any preliminary services free of charge. We also do not offer any services as a trial.


If necessary - for example to increase capacity or to cover special tasks - we can call in other service providers from our network. We always remain independent and maintain strict confidentiality. We will discuss and agree the project responsibility as well as the type and scope of the collaboration clearly and openly with you.

Honorary work

We are volunteers in various positions in the » European Association for Technical Communication - tekom Europe (Chairman of the Executive Board) and the » Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation - tekom Deutschland (Member of the Board, Regional Group Leader, Member of the Arbitration Court, Working Groups). The Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation is the world's largest professional association for technical communication. The association is a platform for the exchange of information and experience, promotes the accredited training and further education of its members through university courses and its own certification program and is internationally oriented and committed.

We also support the non-profit » Deutsche Stiftung Mediation. The foundation is committed to establishing mediation as a modern and efficient conflict resolution process in Germany.