We continue to provide consulting services online as well.
An overview, know-how and efficiency, agility and persuasiveness are decisive factors for success.

Our strategy consulting offers you an independent and simultaneous view of your information and knowledge management. In coordination with the departments involved, we help you to determine and analyze the current situation, define the strategic direction and your goals, derive effective solutions and implementation measures and monitor them with constant target/actual comparisons so that all employees can jointly pursue, implement and achieve precisely these strategies and goals. We help you to secure and increase your competitiveness.

Simply give us a call or email us and let us discuss what we can do specifically for you and your situation. Or use our pre-structured inquiry form:
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We advise and support you, for example

  • in the development of vision, mission, objectives, strategy and implementation measures in information management

  • in environment analysis and stakeholder management

  • in the development of a strategy map

  • in the development and introduction of a key performance indicator system (e.g. Balanced Scorecard)

  • when looking beyond the key figures

  • on the topics of leadership strategy, leadership culture and leadership roles

  • in risk management

  • on corporate communication: language strategy, corporate language concept, terminology, tone of voice, attitude

  • for positioning as a department or service provider

  • on department and project marketing

  • in questions of the in- / outsourcing strategy and selection of service providers

  • in change management: support during restructuring and change projects

  • for internal employee communication

  • on questions of corporate culture, learning culture and error culture

  • in quality management

  • in dealing with diversity

  • on the topic of strategic conflict management

  • in knowledge management, knowledge balance and knowledge assurance

  • your concept for documenting internal information

  • for digitalization, standardization and automation

  • on employee development and further training concepts

Goals and Approach

We help you to orientate yourself, to make sustainable decisions, to develop tailor-made, practicable solutions and to establish consistent implementation.

For this purpose, we use instruments, techniques and methods of various forms of professional and strategic consulting, organizational consulting and systemic consulting.

Depending on your requirements, we can take on different roles and functions, including changing ones: Experts in technical and methodical questions, sparring partners, observers and feedback providers, workshop leaders, moderators, mediators, project managers, “the devil's advocates” or change managers.

In supplement to this, we are also happy to assist you with the implementation of solutions.