Infomail 2023-01
Change in the management board

Hello dear reader,

It is clearly noticeable: Spring is moving in inexorably, all signs point to renewal, even the light is changing. And there is also news to report from us:

Change in the management of Fleury & Fleury GbR

It has been 17 years since we, Isabelle and Frank D. Fleury, founded our company. Together we have established it, successfully led it through turbulent times and positioned it for the future. At the beginning, we focused especially on the technical aspects of information management.

Over time and with the increasing needs of our clients, our focus shifted more and more towards strategic development initiatives as a means of organizational development. Because it is usually due to the strategies and the implementations that many projects and innovations do not have the desired success. Our mission has always been to provide you with the best possible support in the further development of your information management and to lead your initiatives to success. In doing so, we have sometimes made even the seemingly impossible possible.

Now, further changes are on the horizon:
Isabelle Fleury will withdraw from the management board on April 1, 2023, in order to be able to dedicate herself entirely to another task, which she has grown increasingly fond of in recent years.
Frank D. Fleury will continue to lead the company as sole managing director and focus it even more intensively on the topics of strategy, change management and team development in information management.

We look back on our joint work with great joy and satisfaction. Thank you for the great time full of commitment and fun! Now we look forward to the tasks that lie ahead.

Warm greetings from Cologne
Isabelle and Frank D. Fleury